Wes Crowley, Texas Ranger

Wes Crowley Texas Ranger is Book 13 in the overall Wes Crowley saga.

Although the titles are arranged chronologically, each also is a stand-alone novel.

* * *

In Wes Crowley Texas Ranger, Wes and his buddy Mac have come a long way in the Rangers. Both are corporals

in Company D, Amarillo, in the heart of the traditional Comanche homeland of Comancheria.

They continue to battle Comanches, comancheros and banditos while making new friends and losing old ones.

But of course, Four Crows, who rose to power as a war chief in their first year with the Rangers, still reigns supreme over the the plains and arroyos of the north Texas panhandle.

In this installment, the story of the Talbot brothers continues into the next generation. We see new Rangers sworn in. But will they all survive? And of those who do, will any leave the company for other pursuits?

If you’ve followed the story from The Rise of a Warrior you might have to say goodbye to longtime friends.

But you will also welcome some new ones who will continue into the future.

We hope you’re enjoying the ride.

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