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Kenneth Flowers has written an excellent reference work on living with COPD. Kenneth was born in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Read More…. Gervasio 150Gervasio Arrancado writes magic realism in a rhythmic, poetic voice. If you enjoy the works of Isabel Allende, you will enjoy Gervasio’s stories. Read More…. mj 150MJ François prefers anonymity. She writes erotica, and she hides her identity even from the various people with whom she experiences the joys that become her work. Read More….
N Porter 150 closeNicolas Z “Nick” Porter generally writes spare prose in a serious tone. Nick is an expatriate and an activist for common sense, which he says is a luxury for most. Read More…. Harvey 150Harvey Stanbrough was born in New Mexico, seasoned in Texas, and baked in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, where his heart resides. Read More…. E Stringer 150Eric Stringer is an unapologetic neurotic who writes in a frantic, frenzied style, usually on frantic, frazzled subject matter. Read More….
COMING SOON 150Ray Sevareid is anti-social and more than a bit paranoid. Most of his SF stories and novels occur on Earth in the not-too-distant future.