Harvey Stanbrough founded StoneThread Publishing in 1998.

Seemingly a phoenix, it has risen from its own ashes more than once. Finally, in 2015, it found its rightful place as a direct gateway to readers and booksellers for a small group of independent professional writers.

StoneThread publishes many commercial genres (SF, fantasy, thriller, etc.) in every literary form of fiction (short fiction in collections, novellas, novels).

Our titles are available as ebooks in over 400 sales venues and well over 1,000 libraries around the world through two distributors: Draft2Digital and Smashwords.

That includes all major ebook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and several smaller retailers and subscription services.

Our titles also are available in trade paperbacks at Amazon.

We are excited about moving into the future with the newly discovered world of licensing.