The Rise of a Warrior

Rise of a Warrior 300The Rise of a Warrior is the first prequel and Book 1 in the Wes Crowley novel series. Although the titles re arranged chronologically, each is a stand-alone novel.

What would you give to ride wild on a good horse in a just cause?

Witness the interlocking fates of three young men:

Four Crows is a rising young war chief, born of blood and battle.

Young Wes Crowley and Otis “Mac” McFadden, bored teenagers in the small town of Watson in north Texas, are determined to become Texas Rangers.

Where fate will lead the three of them will leave you breathless.

The entire saga is a 21-volume tale in which the lines between right and wrong are often blurred—but never for Wes Crowley. Wes lives by his creed” “Upright is not a matter of degree.”

In The Rise of a Warrior, come along to witness the advent of Wes and Mac as Texas Rangers, and the rise of a Comanche warrior, Four Crows.

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