Wes Crowley: Deputy US Marshal

Between Books 2 and 3 of the 12-volume Wes Crowley saga, there’s a 15-year gap. This is the eighth book that works toward filling that gap. Hence, the Wes Crowley Gap Series.

This is also the second novel for the Wes Crowley Santa Fe sub-series. I don’t know how many stories will emerge from this diversion.

In this book, Wes establishes his office and himself as the newest law enforcement officer in Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory.

It’s a new time, and a new job. Although his days of putting up with the constant Comanche raids are over, at least for now, he fully expects he will soon have more dealings with the comancheros back near the Texas state line. But maybe not. Maybe a surprise is waiting.

Then again, can there be a smooth ride for a newly minted Deputy US Marshal in a territory in the Wild West that’s seeking statehood? Growing pains are prevalent, widespread, and often severe. Likewise, not all of the outlaws in the Territory are comancheros. When greed takes over, almost anyone can qualify. What new enemies will Wes encounter?

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding wild on a good horse in a just cause, this is the series for you. Lay up your saddlebags with provisions for a few days, then saddle up and come along!

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