The Road to Amarillo

The Road to Amarillo is Book 11 in the overall Wes Crowley Saga.

During his time as a deputy US marshal, Wes has made new friends. He’s also made, and vanquished, a few new enemies.

But even with all the diversions of love and war, there remains the main overall goal of ridding the Territory of comancheros to clear the path for statehood.

Now, perhaps, is the time to focus on and achieve that goal. But Wes is longing more and more for Texas, the Rangers, and his Amarillo friends.

Will he finish the job Governor Lew Wallace hired him to do? If so, will he finally be going home?

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding wild on a good horse in a just cause, this is the series for you. Lay up your saddlebags with provisions for a few days, then saddle up and come along!

Note: If you check the chronological reading sequence for this series you will find the novels in this Gap series now are novels 3 through 11 of the 21 volume saga. Enjoy!

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