The New Mexico Territory (Gap Book 3)

Between Books 2 and 3 of the 12-volume Wes Crowley saga, there’s a 15-year gap. This is the third book that sets out to fill that gap. Hence, the Wes Crowley Gap Series.

Wes has come to learn that doing the right thing doesn’t always mean doing what’s strictly, or even marginally, legal.

But then, the guiding prinicpal of his life is “Upright is not a matter of degree. In every moment, you either are or you aren’t.” And sometimes you have to go far afield just to uphold that principal.

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding wild on a good horse in a just cause, this is the series for you. Saddle up and come along!

Search tags: western, Texas Rangers, comancheros, Winchester, Colt .45, Amarillo, New Mexico

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