The Marshal of Agua Perlado

Marshal 300The Marshal of Agua Perlado is Book 17 in the overall Wes Crowley saga. The titles are arranged chronologically as one long saga, but each also is a stand-alone novel.

* * *

Has Wes left his old life as a Texas Ranger behind?

Wes travels to Mexico to bring bad news to the family of his beloved Marisól Martinez de Silva. He finds them in Agua Perlado, a quaint, peaceful fishing village in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

He becomes friends almost immediately with the entire family, especially Miguel, and basically adopts them as his own.

But is the feeling reciprocated?

Maybe. Except for one firebrand. The youngest remaining sister, Coralín, believes Wes is a showoff and a ruffian.

Or at least that’s what she says.

Coralín blows into a room as if she’s a whirlwind and leaves the same way.

Although Wes is almost constantly confused by her words and actions, he is intrigued to the point that caution is not a viable option.

Will Wes ever go back to the Texas Ranger? Or even to being a lawman?

Can he change his habit when some banditos come along and murder a member of this peaceful fishing village?

Or must he protect those who deserve his protection?

Maybe the ride isn’t over quite yet.

Will Wes deflect those who would destroy his adopted town?

Come along as he swaps tales with the proprietor of the local cantina, who also is the keeper of the tales for Agua Perlado and the surrounding region.

Recommended search tags: western, old west, Mexico, banditos, town marshal, tradition, Colt, revolver

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