The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter is Book 22 in the overall Wes Crowley Saga. Although the 22 volumes comprise a complete saga, each book also stands alone.

Wes Crowley has been a lawman since he joined the Texas Rangers back in the panhandle of Texas some 50 years ago at the age of 16.

Now his children are grown and gone. He’s settled in the hacienda he shared for so long with his wife, Coralín.

He remains in touch with his friends in Agua Perlado, the older members of the Guerrero Rangers, which he founded, and his close relatives.

Those include Miguel Gonzales, who owns a fleet of fishing boats.

Will Wes finally put out to sea with Miiguel? That’s something Wes has dreamed about off and on.

But will the ghosts of Wes’ past allow him such leisure?

Or is there someone, somewhere, perhaps a descendant of an old enemy, longing to visit havoc on Wes?

Come along and find out. This is your final chance to ride wild on a good horse in a just cause—at least alongside Wes Crowley, for whom Upright has never been a matter of degree.

Note from the author: This has been an exciting saga to write, and I’m honored Wes invited me along. I hope you, too, have enjoyed the ride. Harvey Stanbrough

Search tags: western romance, action-adventure, Mexico, outlaws, good guys, Texas Ranger, Colt .45

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