The Consensus

consensus-300On future Earth, there are only six nations. They are governed, loosely, by a compendium of delegates, one from each nation, to the World Dominion.

But among any six humans, there is always one who wants to be dominant. When that one, by happenstance, is contacted by extra-terrestrials who believes him to be the ruler of Earth, he is not inclined to correct them.

Instead, as a response to their request to colonize, he levies certain requirements. He can fulfill the requirements himself. But they must wait until he has fulfilled those requirements, most of which involve the other five nations naming him Chancellor of Earth.

His initial request, posed by his delegate to the World Dominion, causes great upheaval. So great, in fact, nobody is certain they can turn it off.

But he isn’t the only one who can contact aliens. And he isn’t the only one who can grant their request. In the final analysis, given one more chance, will the World Dominion come to a consensus?

Recommended search tags: science fiction, alien contact, future earth, bunkers, missiles, psychological suspense

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