The Craft of Poetry: Structure & Sound

In The Craft of Poetry: Structure & Sound, you will learn a great deal.

Did you know there are only two modes of language?

Did you know the only “prose poem” is what people usually call free verse?

Did you the base unit of the poem—ALL poems—is the poetic line, not the sentence?

Did you know ANY writing that’s based on the sentence rather than on the line and line breaks is actually exposition or fiction, not poetry?

But then, I’m not some professor trying to make tenure (or cling to it) by making up new stuff and publishing papers that smell of bovine excrement.

I’m only a National Book Award nominated poet who knows what he’s talking about.

If you’re serious about writing poetry, you want this book.

In The Craft of Poetry: Structure & Sound

  • we discuss the structure of the poem in depth.
  • We study the structure of the canto, and the stanza.
  • We study the structure of the line, even to the molecular level.
  • We discuss how even the sounds—not only of words and lines and stanzas—but of even certain letters or letter combinations inside certain words affect the reader, and
  • We discuss whether and why the length or brevity of a line or stanza has a certain effect on the reader, and what effect, and to what degree.
  • We even discuss how to construct sentences within the poem so they are most effective.

If you want a truly deep dive into the craft of writing poetry, this is the book for you.

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