Quiet the Critical Voice (and Write Fiction)

You want to write a novel, but you feel overwhelmed.

But you can silence that feeling and start writing your novel TODAY.

Your critical mind is fear-based. It exists to protect you. The conscious, critical mind is what keeps you from putting your hand on a hot stove or from crossing the street without checking for oncoming traffic.

And when you want to put yourself “out there” in the form of short stories or novels, it strives to protect you from yourself.

It strives to protect you from rejection by editors and publishers, or from the possible embarrassment you might feel from a bad review.

Yet this fear is baseless. If you write fiction, your work will occasionally get a bad review. It will also get many good ones. It’s all a matter of the reader’s personal taste.

But consider, if your work is rejected by an editor, what happens? Nothing. You can even submit to the same magazine again if you want. Editors seldom remember the names even of authors whose work they purchase, much less the work of authors whose work they reject.

And in the meantime, you send that same story back out to another editor and you might be golden. Because every magazine and every editor and every editor’s needs are different, sometimes from day to day.

And after you send the story back out, you write the next story. Because you’re a writer. It’s what you do.

Quiet the Critical Voice (and Write Fiction) will show you in detail how to recognize the critical voice and how to push it into a back corner of your mind so you can get on with your life’s work.

The book contains a section on Heinlein’s Rules and a revolutionary, freeing technique called Writing Into the Dark.

Get ready. Writing fiction is about to become the most fun you’ve ever had.

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