Notes from Writing the World

This is a compilation of the full text of my shorter nonfiction works in a single book:

  • Narrative in Fiction
  • The Seven Writerly Sins
  • Creating Realistic Characters
  • Writing Dialect
  • Writing Great Beginnings
  • Writing Flash Fiction
  • Self-Editing for Writers.

Each title is chock full of tips and techniques, and in this compilation you’re getting a truly great value.

Each of these smaller titles began as a handout that accompanied my live Writing the World seminars back in the day.

With this book alone, you will learn

  • to write sterling narrative
  • to avoid the seven worst mistakes most (not some… most) writers make
  • to create wonderfully well-rounded protagonists and antagonists (and why, for example, the dialogue of a secondary, flat character should be even more memorable than that of the protagonist or antagonist), and
  • to write truly authentic dialect.

You’ll also study some of the greatest opening sentences and paragraphs in literature and learn how to craft them yourself, and you’ll learn to write a complete short story with a beginning, middle and end—setting, characters, conflict and resolution—in 99 words or fewer (excluding the title, which should not exceed 5 words).

In short, you will learn the tips and tricks and techniques I picked up during almost 40 years of writing and editing.

This title is available at Amazon for $15.95.

But specifically because I also offer some of the titles in this work completely free of charge,

OR… You Can Buy Direct for $13!

Um, that’s still cheaper than you’d pay for the books on Characters and Dialect and Narrative even if you bought them directly from me. Just sayin’.