No Kind’a Time

no-kinda-time-300A Border Patrol captain is ordered by his superiors to stand down regarding gun shipments across the border. But when he receives a hot tip from a Mexican contact regarding a gun-runner, he can’t just not do his job.

On paid leave, he sets up an ambush with a few friends — including an Arizona Ranger and an off-duty deputy sheriff — on a hill overlooking a border road. They expect to thwart the gun-running operation. But it’s all a ruse.

The gun-runner is hauling human cargo, not guns, and not for the purpose of resettling them in the US. They will be a lesson.

The Arizona Ranger, Dale Crowley, recognizes Manuel Vallejo, the gun-runner, as the man who escaped justice years earlier when he raped and beat a young girl.

Vallejo peers up at the hill. Somehonw he knows Crowley is there. And he delivers a chilling edict.

How far would you go to protect your child?

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