The Journey Home: Part 9

It’s time to set the ship down on the new human home world, which General Amanda Lowrey has named, appropriately, Terra 2.

This is the ninth book in the Future of Humanity (FOH) series. It’s been a long journey.

There is Landing Site Eden, where she will attempt to set down a ship that was never meant to land. There are the satellite sites, each 50 miles from Eden, to the north, east, south and west.

There are the advance teams, whose only job is to follow orders, set up comm stations, prep the areas and wait for the landing.

But will they follow orders? And if not, will they discover a reason not to land? Having traveled millions of miles from Earth, will they find yet another threat to humanity awaits?

Come along and find out.

Recommended search tags: science fiction, galaxy, romance, technology, stipplesuit, action-adventure

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