In the Cantina at Noon

In the Cantina at Noonis the Book 21 in the overall Wes Crowley Saga. Although the 22 volumes comprise a complete saga, each book also stands alone.

Over the past 25 years, the world has changed and Wes has grown older.

More than anything, now he’s looking forward to settling in to be a loving grandfather.

But there’s also the matter of what’s right. A matter of taking vengeance on those who have harmed his family.

His beloved wife is still very much with him, as are his son Miguel and his daughter Mari.

Of course, they have opposing opinions (as children often do) of what their father should have done and should do next.

But then, Wes has never been big on shoulds or should-haves. Upright is simply not a matter of degree, nor are his intentions open to debate.

Add to that a familiar cast of characters plus a brand new group of bad guys and strap yourself to your saddle.

One more time you can ride wild on a good horse in a noble cause alongside Wes.

Well, if he makes the trip.

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