Blackwell Ops 24: Buck Jackson Returns

Buck Jackson originally haled from the small town of Sayre, Oklahoma.

But ever since his fiancé was murdered, he’s lived in Bakersfield, California.He doesn’t mind. Buck is a top operative for Blackwell Ops and he has to travel for his job anyway.

How much would he love to get the nod to travel back to Sayre to set things right for his murdered love? But will he get the assignment?

Take a road trip with Buck. This short, fast-paced, action-packed novel is filled with accounts of assignments Buck has accepted and hits he’s made.

Again you’ll run the gamut of emotion from laughter to tears and heart-stopping tension, both as Buck does his job and as he tries to manage his personal life. Or what little of a personal life he has.

Come along for the laughter and tears, hang around for the tension, and see if you can guess the ending.

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