Blackwell Ops 23: Buck Jackson

Buck Jackson hales from the small town of Sayre, Oklahoma.

And he’s a really good guy. You know, aside from his job as a top operative for Blackwell Ops.

But hey, everybody’s gotta make a living, am I right?

And Buck leads a balanced life between traveling to do his job—but never by air—actually doing his job, and getting back to his little house near Sayre and his witty, quick, and overly curious schoolteacher girlfriend, Maryann.

Both of these main characters are smitten, and only one thing keeps them from tying the knot. You’ll be amazed at what that one thing is.

As you read this short, fast-paced, action-packed novel, you’ll run the gamut of emotion from laughter to tears and heart-stopping tension, both as Buck does his job and as he tries to manage his relationship with Maryann.

Come along for the laughter and tears, hang around for the tension, and see if you can guess the ending. And the upshot of that ending.

Internet search terms: crime thriller, psychological suspense, romance, assassin, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas

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