Blackwell Ops 19: Soleada Garcia: Hunting a Hunter

Solana “Soleada” Garcia in a vivacious but unassuming young woman of Mayan ancestry.

She lives in Mazatlán where she works out of her small apartment—as a professional assassin for TJ Blackwell and Blackwell Ops.

Despite her diminutive size, her disarming nickname—which translates as “Sunny”—and her unusually calm demeanor, she is also among TJ’s best.

And now he has hand-picked her to go after fellow operative Charles Claymore “Charlie” Task, who has had enough and gone off the reservation.

But Charlie has disappeared into a time long before either he or Soleada Garcia were born.

Soleada is also only the second operative with whom TJ has shared the location of the time portal through which Charlie escaped the 21st century.

Will she find Charlie Task all the way back in the 1940s or 1950s? And if she does, what will happen?

This exciting ride, at first a crime-thriller and action-adventure novel, also delves into science fiction with time travel, and into magic realism with — well, everything that occurs around the edges of normal life in that place where reality folds into imagination.

Internet search terms: SF thriller, time travel, psychological suspense, assassin, crime thriller, worldwide network

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