Blackwell Ops 18: Charlie Task: Gone

Charles Claymore “Charlie” Task is a self-described professional psychopath.

He is also an accomplished operative for the worldwide network of specialized assassins: Blackwell Ops.

This is Charlie’s third account in the series, and one with a distinctive twist.

Is time travel even possible?

Charlie doesn’t think so. And he would love nothing better than to prove his boss, TJ Blackwell, wrong.

But is TJ wrong? Or is he horribly (or maybe pleasantly) right? Come along and find out.

This action-adventure crime-thriller has a dash of science fantasy and a splash of magic realism.

If you enjoy high-tension, page-turning stories, plunge into this thrill ride.

At a minimum, you’ll experience the icy, sheer joy (or horror) of watching Charlie work without becoming a target yourself.

And you won’t regret it.

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