Blackwell Ops 14: Soleada Garcia: Origin Story

Solana “Soleada” Garcia de Mendoza is a vivacious but unassuming young woman of Mayan ancestry.

Despite her diminutive size, her disarming nickname—which translates as “Sunny”—and her unusually calm demeanor, she is also among the best operatives in TJ Blackwell’s network of assassins.

In the beginning of this origin story, Soleada is a 19 year old college student.

So how did she come to join Blackwell Ops? And what did she have to endure?

Assassins are not born, they are made. And they have to learn on the job.

What was her first assignment like? And her second? And her third?

And what lessons did she learn along the way?

Come along and find out. As Soleada would say through a smile, she would tell you herself, but then she would have to kill you.

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