Blackwell Ops 13: Jenna Crowley

Jenna Crowley is beautiful, mild-mannered, and descended from a hero. She has inherited her looks and even temperament from her three-times great-grandmother, Coralín, and her sense of justice from her three-times great-grandfather, Wes Crowley, a Texas Ranger in the 1880s.

And she is an operative for a worldwide network of assassins: Blackwell Ops.

Like the other books in the Blackwell Ops series, this one begins with a bang.

But can she play any role necessary to fulfill the missions she receives from TJ Blackwell?

But why does he feel compelled to move? And where will he end up?

Can she pull the trigger on a man she deems undeserving even though he is the target of a contract?

Will she go above and beyond to dispense justice or will her personal feelings get in the way of her profession?

If you enjoy high-tension, page-turning stories, plunge into this thrill ride.

You’ll experience the sheer joy (horror?) of watching Jenna work without being a target yourself. And you won’t regret it.

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