Blackwell Ops 10: Jeremy Stiles

Jeremy Stiles, the readily recognizable Hollywood star and host of the popular television game show The Way Things Go also has an avocation.

But it’s considerably more than a hobby. And it also pays a great deal more in both money and peace of mind than his more traditional Hollywood gig.

He’s perfectly happy with what he sees as a balanced life. Taping the show a few months each year, then pursing his career as an operative for TJ Blackwell the rest of the time.

But are some Blackwell Ops assignments over the line of Jeremy’s personal sense of morality? Are some far under the line, maybe to the point they’re long overdue?

And will the love of a very special woman change any of that for Jeremy? With his avocation, is that even a possibility?

Come along to the glitter of Hollywood and plunge with Jeremy Stiles into the more varied thrill ride that is his other life.

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