Carmen Morales (Gap Book 5)

Between Books 2 and 3 of the 12-volume Wes Crowley saga, there’s a 15-year gap. This is the fifth book intended to fill that gap. Hence, the Wes Crowley Gap Series.

Much more about Four Crows, the young Comanche war chief; Red Hawk, the old Comanche chief and brother of Four Crows’ mentor, Iron Bear; Rafe Wilkins and other outlaws; and Francisco “Paco” Messina, the most dangerous and wily of the comancheros. Enter Carmen Morales, who, with the help of the Texas Rangers of Company D, Amarillo, Texas, tries to set a lot of things right.

Will Rafe Wilkins be able to leave the old life behind? Will Carmen Morales successfully rid herself of Paco Messina? Will the Rangers make yet another sweep through the easternmost reaches of the New Mexico Territory?

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding wild on a good horse in a just cause, this is the series for you. Saddle up and come along!

Search tags: western, Texas Rangers, comancheros, Winchester, Colt .45, Amarillo, New Mexico

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