Sanctified 300This is a collection of five intense short stories.

In “Desecration,” only a god could walk forever without leaving anything behind or approaching anything else. But how? And why?

In “Barbecue,” two buddies on a camping trip in a remote desert location. A town full of women nearby. Fantasies abound. But is it all fantasy? Or is some of it sheer terror? Come along for a surprise.

On “The Day They Came,” there had been an alien invasion. Freedom fighters were caught and held in a rainy, drizzly prison. To wait. But for what?

In “Exotic,” a meek, mild accountant from Cleveland finally, finally gets a break when he lands a big client for his firm. But he gets an even bigger one when he gets to Louisiana.

And in “Sanctioned” the reader is drawn into a seventh-floor walkup. About fifteen minutes before midnight, the telephone rings. The gentleman in the apartment is annoyed, waiting for his favorite state-sanctioned program to come on television at midnight. But this is a phone call that will change his life. Or maybe give it back.

Recommended search terms: aliens, alien invasion, dystopia, fantasy, hit man, horror, love, mafia, psychological suspense, religion, romance, science fiction, Louisiana, short stories

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