For a mercenary, things are great when hell is all around. But sometimes you have to go in search of it.

Nick Spalding and Mary Jo McWherter partnered up in Book 1. Now in Book 2, they’ve traveled to a different country, a different conflict.

Nick Spalding has been a warrior, both military and civilian, most of his life. His partner, Mary Jo McWherter, was much the same.

But Nick hasn’t seen Mary Jo for awhile. Did she leave on her own? Was she taken? He has no answers, and the only new role he’s able to assume is that of walking wounded.

Fortunately he finds a safe house operated by an excellent amateur nurse, Marie Delacroix.

Of course, Nick can’t turn off his mind. He can’t simply forget Mary Jo. He hopes maybe she’s gone back to Ireland.

But maybe she’s heard a siren song of her own. Maybe from a place where Nick can’t go. Maybe from a place he wouldn’t want to go. Maybe Nick is about to receive the shock of his life.

Still, every life is filled with strange circumstances that somehow all work out in the end. After all, life really is only a series of transitions.

Recommended search tags: action-adventure, romance, psychological suspense, thriller, military, war

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