The Stirchians: Rose’s Story

This is Book 2 of the Stirchians Series, the long-awaited sequel to The 13-Month Turn.

Rose Perkins has led a mostly sheltered life. In a first strikingly radical decision, she has left the lunar colony and her husband and returned to Earth.

But her timing is horrible. Soon after her shuttle landed, so did the forces of the Stirchian kingdom. Among the many changes they institute, one is forcing human women to participate in the birthing process to create a new race of Stirchian/Earthian meldings.

Will she find a way to return to her husband and the relative safety of Luna? Will she choose to participate in the Stirchians’ plan? Or will she gather the courage to strike out on her own.

Come along as Rose’s bittersweet story unfolds.

Internet search terms: SF, alien contact, invasion, collusion, lunar colony, future earth

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