Blackwell Ops 5: Georgette Tilden

Georgette Tilden — a deadly combination of charm, looks, and skill — will disarm, disable and drop you. You won’t have a chance to blink.

Georgette, wife of Blackwell Ops operative Jack Tilden and an operative in her own right, returns to tell her own unique story.

TJ Blackwell, the owner of Blackwell Ops, has always encouraged his operatives to work solo. In fact, most of them don’t even know who the other operatives are.

Way back in Book 1, TJ decided to take a chance. He encouraged and even orchestrated Georgette’s marriage to Jack, but at least partly for an ulterior motive.

Now TJ can send the two of them on assignments better suited to a team than to a lone wolf.

In Book 5, Georgie recounts some of her own solo assignments as well as a few assignments with her new husband.

But she doesn’t stop there. When TJ sends down an assignment that results in Georgie teaming up with not one, but two other operatives, both female, the result is more intense than she could have imagined.

And it leads to bigger and better things.

Also in this book, we revisit the skills and wiles of two other operatives: Marie Arceneaux and Melanie Sloan (from Books 3 and 4). Need I say fireworks ensue?

As always, this is only part of Georgette’s story, as told to the author. And as always, only the more sensitive parts of Georgie’s story are fictionalized. Everything else is true.

Recommended search tags: crime, mystery, murder, thriller, psychological suspense, assassin, novel series

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