TJ Blackwell: The Origin Story

Thomas Jefferson “TJ” Blackwell

runs his namesake company, a worldwide network of paid professional assassins.

He has operatives and “sensors”—his personal eyes and ears—on every continent and in almost every nation.

You’ve read many stories related by his operatives.

This is the story of the man himself.

In The Origin Story, he candidly conveys how, where, and when he started and how Blackwell Ops came into being.

The birth of Blackwell Ops was not an easy one. A seed planted in 1954 becomes a seedling nurtured through TJ’s college and law school years.

Finally his destiny is brought to fruition through one particular trial and the love of a beautiful woman.

Come along as TJ learns and grows into the job, first as an attorney, later as an operative for what would become Blackwell Ops, and finally as the owner.

Blackwell Ops: Real-Time Solutions for Real-World Problems

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