Blackwell Ops 20: Tarea-Garcia

Charles Claymore “Charlie” Task used to work for TJ Blackwell and Blackwell Ops.

But after a sticky time-travel assignment to Mexico in the 1940s and 1950s, he skipped the country—and the 21st century. Now he’s Charlie Tarea.

Solana “Soleada” Garcia is a vivacious but unassuming young woman of Mayan ancestry.

She also was a Blackwell Ops agent, and TJ sent her to Terminate With Prejudice one Charlie Task. That was all well and good—until they met. What would a “meet-cute” between two assassins look like?

Soleada has also decided she will not go back to the 21st century. Instead, she and the newly minted Charlie Tarea will form Tarea-Garcia.

They plan to use their various special skills to take vengeance on deserving types. But who gets to define who is deserving and who is not?

Plus, can you simply walk off the job when you work for TJ Blackwell? It’s complicated.

TJ has allowed other operatives to quit before, though not often. They know too much. Not to mention he might be miffed these two have skipped out on him. Will he dispatch others like them—or even decidedly not like them—to terminate them as well?

Come along and find out. Tarea-Garcia dare you.

Like Blackwell Ops 15, this exciting ride, at once a crime-thriller and science fiction action-adventure novel, also delves into magic realism with — well, everything that occurs around the edges of normal life in that place where reality folds into imagination.

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