Blackwell Ops 2: Charles Claymore Task

Sometimes being who you are makes it easier to do what you have to do.

Charles Claymore “Charlie” Task is a self-described professional psychopath. Having freelanced all his life, now he’s joined the team at Blackwell Ops.

Blackwell Ops is an organization owned and managed by Thomas Jefferson Blackwell. Through the operatives in his company — and for a fee — TJ works discreetly on behalf of governments, entities, and individuals to bring about desired results. Usually those results require surgical strikes on person and organizations around the world.

Now Charlie Task is one of those operatives. This is part of his story, as told to the author.

As always, only the more sensitive parts of Mr. Task’s story are fictionalized. Everything else is true.

Recommended search tags: crime, mystery, murder, thriller, psychological suspense, assassin, novel series

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