Blackwell Ops 17: Soleada Garcia: Into the Future

Solana “Soleada” Garcia de Mendoza is a vivacious but unassuming young woman of Mayan ancestry.

She is dimunutive in stature, has a disarming nickname, and an unusually calm demeanor. Most of the time.

She is also among the best operatives in TJ Blackwell’s network of assassins. And in the story that precedes this one, she experienced some trying times.

Things seldom work out the way you think they will. Nothing is permanent except the past. And sometimes the past lurks in your future.,

In Into the Future, Soleada continues to ply her trade, and is faced with some new experiences and new considerations.

She has developed confidence in herself, and she is certain about some of the bigger concepts she has considered. But the future has a way of dashing and rebuilding those concepts.

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