Mobster Tales

This 10-story collection runs the gamut from the hokey to the humorous, the wannabes to the would’a-beens, the chilling to the childish to the deadly serious. There are 8 stories from Harvey and 2 from his borderline psychotic persona, Eric Stringer. Come along for some fun!

Of this collection, reader and author Steve Ross wrote

“Why are we attracted to violence–real-world or fictional? Are we cathartically venting frustrations?
Does our crocodile brain need disinhibited expression? Or is it simply perverse fun?

“Probably nobody knows for sure, but this particular crime-story collection offers a somehow refreshingly entertaining alternative to our often you’d-better-behave-or-else world.

“Here are ten stories featuring climactic surprise endings where tension finally erupts with a satisfying release.

“As with most good storytelling, characters with good reasons for doing the wrong things remind us of ourselves.”

Recommended search terms: mob, mafia, hit man, da boss, da bomb, da docks, short stories

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