Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future is Book 12 in the overall Wes Crowley Saga.

* * *

Wes Crowley has served a tour as a deputy US marshal at the pleasure of Governor Lew Wallace in Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory.

The assignment was supposed to last for six months. But as things led to other things, it stretched to almost a year.

He misses the high plains of Amarillo Texas and his friends.

Not only his lifelong partner, Otis “Mac” McFadden and the other Texas Rangers in Company D, but his other friends as well:

The old telegrapher, Sam Pencilman. Manuel Ortega, owner and operator of the Amarillo Inn. Ramón Sanchez, owner of Sanchez Livery Stable.

He’s longed to end his tenure as a deputy US marshal and head home for months.

But can he leave behind Rose Padilla, the very special friend who owns Rosy’s Kiva Café in Santa Fe?

He has time to consider his options, but not much time. There’s a major skirmish building in the eastern side of the New Mexico Territory. Maybe after that he’ll have time to think and come to a decision.

Although this novelwas originally the last in the Wes Crowley Gap series, it is also the 12th in the overall Wes Crowley saga. With the addition of Looking to the Future, that saga will end in twenty-two volumes. And all of it stemmed from a 6,000 word short story: “Adobe Walls.”

Looking to the Future ties the series together and sets up the ending of the story as presented in the last ten novels of the saga.

If you’ve ever wanted to ride wild on a good horse in a just cause, this is the series for you. Lay up your saddlebags with provisions for a few days, saddle up and come along!

You can find the chronological reading order for this series at harveystanbroughwrites.com/reading-order-for-novels/. Enjoy!

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